Targeted Development of Technology Strategies

Which are the areas of potential that are relevant to me, and how can I seize them?

The multitude and dynamic nature of technological developments and new patents necessitate a long-term evaluation of the chances and risks involved for one’s own company. This evaluation, after all, forms a basis upon which your company can strategically position itself along the spectrum between being a technology leader or a follower, and between technological differentiation and cost leadership. We are able to support you with strategic technology decisions aimed at securing your ability to compete by providing answers to questions such as:

How can we analyze, evaluate and communicate those technologies that will be of most use for our clients and our companies in the long term?

For decisions on technology strategy that have to bundle a wide variety of different perspectives, we establish internal technology balance sheets, carry out business-model orientated opportunity/risk evaluations for new technologies, and integrate the technological evaluation results into your company strategy by means of concrete Business Cases.

Strategic technology evaluation (german)

What strategic value does my patent or patent portfolio have?

Systematic patent evaluation is a prerequisite to reaching strategic corporate decisions. Those patents in the portfolio that are particularly important for the development and maintenance of competitive advantages are identified and distinguished from those that are not.

How do I determine the best strategy for my technology portfolio?

Alongside the identification and long-term evaluation of those technologies relevant to your company, we offer you method-based support for developing a technology strategy to set you apart from the competition.

Development of technology strategies (german)

How can my company generate high-quality inventions on demand and thus strengthen the strategic patent portfolio?

Not every patent application is necessarily preceded by a wide-ranging R&D project. New and creative solutions mostly come about through skillful combinations of existing knowledge.Companies that pursue proactive patent management should install the invention-on-demand process as a fixed part of their patent system in order to be able to generate patentable ideas on demand. Fraunhofer IAO has developed the XBiops® process model to help companies introduce the invention-on-demand process.

Invention on demand (german)