Identifying Technologies and Markets

Which new technologies and markets are open to me?

Every innovation begins with a good idea. Good ideas are driven in particular by new technologies, new applications for technologies and products, and the systematic stopping of patent gaps. If they want to do this, it is important that organizations recognize relevant technologies and trends, new markets and patent loopholes early on and be able to estimate their potential accurately.

Which technological trends will have a significant influence on my company and my market in future?

The Fraunhofer Technology Radar offers you systematic and methodical support in the company-specific identification and evaluation of new technologies. Applying continuously refined support software raises the quality of the results significantly.

Which are the areas of potential in the field of nanotechnology that are relevant to my company?

The innovative potential of nanotechnology is diverse; it can increase the added value of a product as well as open up new market perspectives. The »NanoNavigator« offers a systematic approach for implementing nanotechnologies in a specific corporate context.

How can I reduce the consumption of energy and materials in my production facilities or products?

Resource-efficiency analysis offers you systematic assistance with the software-supported identification and evaluation of efficiency boosting solutions for company-specific products and processes. Ecological as well as technical and economic aspects are taken into consideration as part of this.

Which commercially attractive loopholes present themselves to us in a patent map?

White spot analysis uses modern text mining methods to uncover as yet unpatented potential for your own new developments and improvements. Take the analysis as a valuable basis for deciding which technologies and markets are worth investing in!